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We write to you to let you know that we have been thinking about you and your beloved ones, wishing you all the best during these difficult times. Due to the on-going spread of the COVID-19, we have been keeping alert, reading the recent coverage and updates concerning COVID-19 also at the same time, we start to work hard in Bamury Ranch to preserve all security measures suggested by health departments to keep our clients, friends, and family safe. This is a time of big changes but also of solidarity and support.

Through hard times solidarity and obedience play an important role and we have to keep that on the mind and work hard through it. All of us are trying to do our best to overcome this virus and its future consequences. It’s time to fight together and get this hard time off. Don’t hesitate that you and beloved ones are in our thoughts during these uncertain times.

Feeling us thankful for giving us the opportunity to serve you and make together happy memories, be sure that we will keep you all of you in our prayers hoping the best for you. God willing all this shall pass and we will return stronger than ever

Best wishes,

Rogelio Lizarraga and Family