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Rancho El Bamury
Cattle & Hunt

Bamury Zorgo fields Bamury Zorgo fields

Rancho El Bamury hunting was founded by Rogelio Lizarraga Lizarraga in 1996 and has been managed by him since then.

He has mantain a career where for 22 years has provided trophies to many hunter most of them comming from the US.

To this day Rogelio has become one of the oldest and most respected outfitters in Sonora alongside with his ranch as one of the most traditional to hunt it.

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A Family

His business has now become a family business with his Daughther Maria Lizarraga working with him as a sales agent for his hunting business.

Since 1906
Family 4th generation

His family has owned the ranch since 1906 and he is the 4th generation runing it also the ranch has 80,000 acres to Hunt and have areas planted with different plants such as oats, sorgo and wheat.

Every year he leases more ranches to have more space to and he Works close with ranches owners improving both feed and water sources all year and carefully limit the number of animals taken each season off each ranch in order to sustain maximum trophy potential.

wheat fields